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Take control over what you have control over.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

How do you take control of something that is so out of your control? With Covid ravaging through our world, taking away jobs, activities and unfortunately lives every day, there's not much in our control. Every day is truly a be negative, to be healthy, to be alive. These are things that are not within our control though and can be taken away in any moment. Feeling powerless to the inevitable is daunting.

So, what do we do? A question that once seemed easy is something that is impossible to understand at the moment. Everything seems impossible to understand at the moment. Broadway and shows are shutting down, events are being cancelled, restrictions have been set back in place, traveling has such a negative's starting to feel like the pandemic is beginning all over again. We're losing control and it's like being in a cage but what if we flip the script? Make a list of what you have control over and help yourself feel in control in every way you can. Here's mine.

I have control over:

  • What I wear today and I'm gonna dress comfortably and give myself all the main character energy.

  • Putting my phone down. I don't have to answer anyone I don't want to and I don't have to put my attention in anyone but myself.

  • My coffee this morning and I'm gonna have three cups because I can.

  • My breakfast, lunch and dinner and you bet I'm gonna make my favorite meals as often as possible. Comfort food is good for the soul.

  • Where I put my extra time. Today I decided to use it to sit outside and write.

  • The music I listen to. I was in a ballad mindset this morning. I allowed myself to feel a little more than usual while I was showering.

  • How long I stand in the shower. I let the water get almost too hot and it felt good dripping down my back.

  • My breathing. Ten deep breaths before getting out of bed was what I needed to center my focus on having a good day.

  • My body. I'm gonna stretch before bed tonight so I can help my muscles get the flow they need for a good night's rest.

For today, this is my list and it makes me feel very in control. What's on your list?


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