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  • Jonathan Jacob

My Travel Journal - A Series

As I write the first page of my first travel journal, sailing away from Istanbul, Turkey, I can’t help but reflect on how truly lucky I am to have given myself the opportunity to travel. Looking back on my journey through the states, I’ve seen some of the tallest trees, bluest lakes, deepest canyons and most serene landscapes. I’ve climbed some of the tallest peaks on the East Coast, kayaked in some of the clearest waters, touched the southernmost tip of the United States and island hopped four Hawaiian islands. I’ve been up close with volcanoes, wildlife, forest fires and have starred Death down in the face more than once. The Redwoods taught me how truly small we are and how much smaller our problems are in comparison. The White Mountains taught me how truly capable my body is to conquer anything I set my mind to. Crater Lake taught me that even though you may feel like you are on top of the world, there is still more to climb. I take these lessons with me everywhere I go in life and they have shaped me into the fearless adventurer I am now. It has taught me to not only live with less but also to truly value every thing I have. I put experiences over price tags and happiness over paychecks. I see the glass half full and even if its half empty, I appreciate that is still more than most. I live in every moment knowing it could unfortunately be my last and I don’t regret my choices because even mistakes help us grow. As I write this from my cruise line contract, working in Europe, I am grateful, I am blessed and I am eager to continue seeing every thing I possibly can until it is no longer my time to see.

Written on: 05/13/2022


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