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  • Jonathan Jacob

Into The Unknown.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

I'd be lying if I said I knew what the future holds. No one actually knows what tomorrow will bring, let alone the next minute. I say this a lot but it is so important to live for the now because nothing is promised. I am nervous for the future of performing, traveling and everything that goes with it. It hurts to see fellow performers on unemployment, theaters with their doors closed, ships docked at a port with no hope at returning back to the seven seas and so many positions open with no one to fill them. I find comfort in the now, being employed, working on my craft and being surrounded by people who are beyond grateful to be here.

These next however many months overseas are going to be scary. Walking into this cruise line contract, with changes happening every day, leads to a lot of uncertainty. Will I be able to get off the ship? Will there be a Covid outbreak? Will the world shut down again and will I get stuck onboard with no return home date? The list of questions could go on and on but in these moments I need to stop and only ask myself one I happy?

Truly, the answer to this question goes beyond what the future holds. The answer lies here in the now. Yes, I am happy and that is all that really matters in a world of uncertainty and unknown. If you can't answer that one question honestly, it's time to make a change. Something in your life needs to be the driving force of the now because the future is not promised. Why live for what you think will happen eventually when your life is right here, right now?

It's so easy to live in thoughts. Thoughts of what may happen, thoughts of what if, thoughts of everything that could go wrong but these are truly just thoughts. They're like dreams. You wouldn't have a dream you fought with your partner and wake up not speaking to them, right? You have to accept the fact that thoughts are not reality. It's ok to think, especially because it is inevitable and a natural occurrence, but at the end of your thought you have to acknowledge the idea that it is nothing but a thought.

So moving forward on this contract, I will not be allowing my thoughts or others to effect how I go about enjoying my time because right now, I am enjoying my time and that is truly all that matters. So into the unknown I go and whatever life brings me, I will find the happiness in the now.


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