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  • Jonathan Jacob

If you never push your limits, you will never grow.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Why are we afraid to face things head on? Why is a sense of comfort more satisfying than an adventure? While some people are content watching the grass blow on the mountainside, I am constantly eager to know what’s over the peak. I am not afraid to climb the mountain most find intimidating; I fear more what would happen if I stay comfortable in the grass.

Comfort and happiness don’t always go hand and hand, unfortunately comfort sometimes causes unhappiness.

There is a crippling stigma built around quitting a job, leaving an apartment or donating your things. But why? Why has society deemed it more normal to sit in “comfort” when in fact it is making us so uncomfortable to do so?

Find the courage to get up out of the grass, leaving your picnic blanket behind with whatever or whoever wants to stay there, and go climb that mountain. Push your limits and discover something new, like what’s on the other side of what you’ve been staring at for so long. You might be surprised to know there are taller and more challenging mountains on the other side but you might also be surprised to find self love.

Putting yourself first to leave things behind and climb is not an act of selfishness but rather an act of self empowerment. If you never push your limits, you will never grow.


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