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  • Jonathan Jacob

Fill your cup

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Have you ever held a cup under a faucet and turned on the water and realized its rushing in too quickly? It spills over the brim before you have time to turn it off and when you finally do, turn it off, you look at your cup and realize it's not full.

I think life is the same way.

When we allow things and people and jobs to flow in at a speed that doesn't benefit us and when we put our water into those things that don't benefit us; we never really fill our cup.

But if we find a flow that does benefit us, we then not only have a balance filling our cup but also a beautiful cascade of flowing water over the edges.

That water is extra.

We can then offer water to help people drink but until we fill our own cup, there will always be this underlying notion of needing more water.


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